Mountain Storyteller Deluxe
Based entirely on TRUTH!

Dad in hatWally Avett writes of Civil War guerillas, Smoky Mountain bear hunters, Appalachian drug chieftains and Cape Fear vigilantes…also real-life backwoods genius who build and flew primitive aircraft BEFORE the Wright Brothers.  Seamless fiction grabs your attention from the start and holds it to the end.  His Books often read in one sitting.


rebel_bushwhackerRebel Bushwhacker:  Novel inspired by true tales of bloody bushwhackers, who operated in the Southern mountain during the Civil War.  Hattie June Rose offers herself, body and soul, to the lethal Tobe Kirkwood…until he betrays her.

Murder in Caney Fork:  Rural folks in the South terrorized by a bully during World War II.  Marine hero returns home, soon involved in a secret vigilante plot to kill bully.  Big courtroom drama, behind-the-scenes dealings.  Based on a fascinating true story.

CoosaFlyerCoosa Flyer:  Prologue is an accurate newspaper column of the flyer himself, Micajah Clark Dyer.  Novel is fiction, inspired by Dyer’s real-life accomplishments- a launching ramp made of greased fence-posts and neighbors who thought he was crazy.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Last Bigfoot in Dixie:  A rollicking tale from the Southern Smokies of a giant bear and a native drug-king who terrorize a small town that often resembles Mayberry.  Long-hidden Yankee gold, a Cherokee wannabe author, and a doctor who sold hillbilly babies add to the plot.

PAPERBACK – at newspaper office in Murphy NC and selected stores.  DIGITAL & PAPER – at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

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