Coosa Flyer

CoosaFlyerIn the remote North Georgia wilderness just a few years after the Civil War, a backwoods inventor built and flew primitive aircraft launched from his steep fence-rail ramp long before the Wright Brothers’ famous flight.

COOSA FLYER was inspired by a true story. A factual newspaper column by the author, Wally Avett, is reprinted at the front of this book. The fictional novel then follows.

There is a pair of wandering Cherokee, who discover a rich vein of gold long hidden. A marauding Yankee patrol slain and buried. The young Confederate veteran who becomes the Professor, teacher for the community and ceaseless inventor.

He experiments with models but soon flies a full-sized craft over his meadows, astounding his neighbors but unnoticed by the outside world.

There is folk humor along the way and also a gentle love story. Frustration, too, since lack of a lightweight power plant dooms his dream of sustained flight.

Other novels by Wally Avett are MURDER IN CANEY FORK, LAST BIGFOOT IN DIXIE and REBEL BUSHWACKER. All are available on Amazon and other online outlets, as well as selected retail stores.

The author is a retired Realtor living in the extreme southwestern mountains of North Carolina. A newspaperman for years, his writing is now limited to his column, HILLBILLY RANGER, for the weekly Cherokee Scout at Murphy. Learn more at his website or his author page at Amazon.

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