Last Bigfoot in Dixie

Last Bigfoot in DixieRelease Date: Oct. 8, 2014

A wild rollicking tale from the
Southern ranges of the
Great Smoky Mountains

Deep in the remote and usually peaceful Great Smoky Mountains, a monster black bear kills and eats a child in a campground and the frantic hunt begins.

Wade, an outdoorsman and backwoods writer, is quickly deputized to track down and slay the massive bear terrorizing the local population and devastating the tourism business.

A giant Cherokee, transformed by mushroom trances and his Minnesota Viking horn-helmet, offers to help and proves a modern Sasquatch when he trails the mythic killer-bear Ol’ Nathan.

But that proves to be the least of the small town’s worries.

In their pursuit, they encounter a cannabis compound, an authentic Applachian psycopath named Junior, an albino savant called White Willie and rumors of buried Yankee gold, turning the quiet hamlet into a churning cauldron of fear and death.


Wally Avett is a retired Realtor living in the mountains of North Carolina, where he was the editor of the weekly paper in the 70s. He now writes a column, HILLBILLY RANGER, for the Cherokee Scout at Murphy. His first novel, Murder in Caney Fork, was published by Bell Bridge Books in March, 2014.